Stop Overspending This Holiday Season

Over spending is something we all indulge in especially in the holiday season. The reason for this is simple, the retailers and shops force us to overspend, how so? Well, you must all be aware of the ‘black Friday’ right? Around the time when thanksgiving is over and Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, ever body comes out with their deals and discounts which makes us want to shop more and more, without realizing that we are taking a lot more than we can afford.

Now although the magic and excitement of buying new things for yourself as well as your loved ones may last for a few days, you will ultimately regret the overspending right after the holiday season ends. This is why you need to start thinking about how you can stop yourself from overspending this season. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

1. Start saving:

Okay, so saving is hard and it is easier said than done, but it needs to be seriously thought of especially for the holidays. Starting planning from the start of the year and save at least 10-20 dollars a week and you will be surprised at the amount you have got until holiday shopping time.

2. Start Planning:

The best way you can stop overspending is if you have a proper list of items that you need for this holiday. How many gifts, food items and accessories do you need? Remember that this list will be the items that you will be buying and anything more will mean that you are overspending.

3. Start Shopping Early:

Another good way to be at peace with yourself this season is by shopping for the gifts items early. This means that you if you are shopping for Christmas and New Year don’t do it in November or December instead start early in September or earlier if you can manage it.

4. Start Making Your Own Things:

Something that will take a bit of practice, patience and motivation is making the gift cards or even the gifts yourself. Involve your whole family in the craft and you will realize that making things on your own will not only give you greater pleasure but will also add a personal touch for the receiver.

5. Start Using Cash:

One of the top reasons of overspending is because most of us use our credit cards and don’t even carry actual cash anymore. Now even though having a credit card is not a bad thing, you should probably keep it hidden somewhere for the holidays. Instead, go to the ATM, take out some cash from your account and shop from that. It may seem like a very weird idea to you but using a credit card often makes us buy things that we never could on cash. Before you know it you will be search for cash loans online and looking for a second job.

As a conclusion, you should just remember that everybody has their own budget and overspending will cause many problems for in the future when you may need the money a whole lot more.